Who’s Guilty? The Shovel or the Dog?

Who’s really guilty in this situation? The shovel and the owner for leaving the shovel out? Or, the dog for finding something to play with and chew on when left alone? This is so endearing, we’re glad it happened so we can all see these dog’s reactions.

These dogs look very guilty

These dogs look very guilty

Posted by Daily Mail on Thursday, August 25, 2016


Dog owner: Who did it?

Dog on Left: I know who…

Dog on Right: Have you noticed the pattern in this concrete? It’s magnificent! The swirls go round and round. Follow the swirls.

Dog owner: Which one of you did it?

Dog on Left: Do you see how guilty he looks? I don’t want to give it away, but follow my eyes. –>

Dog on Right: Swirls! They smell so guilty…uh… I mean, like feet!

Dog owner: Look how you left the shoved!

Dog on Left: Dude, you’re so busted. Okay, fine. Hide behind my head, you big brute.

Dog on Right: I’m so busted. If I don’t look, he’ll never see me. Look! I’m invisible!

Dog owner: Was this you? Did you do this?

Dog on left: Nope.

Dog owner: No, not you…. Mr. I’m talking to you. Did you do this? Look at me.

Dog on right: Shrink! Shrink! Why am I so big and noticeable?!? Why does he see me?

Dog owner: It wasn’t enough for you to leave me with two different shoes!

Dog on right: OMG! Those shoes were delicious! The smell and chewy rubber kept me busy for hours! …. Oops. shrink away, shrink away…

And the accomplice? Haha. Definitely guilty.

From a dog’s perspective, they fulfilled a need to chew. Get that dog a bone. He’s obviously loved and well behaved except for a few natural needs. Great dog owner for his love. I suspect the dogs are well cared for and have bones. But, that shovel was too good to pass up 🙂

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