Kansas City Voters Approve New Animal Shelter

KC Pet Project CEO & executive director Teresa Johnson has been working hard with her team for months to get the vote for a new animal shelter in Kansas City which is now included in an $800 Million bond package passed by KC voters on April 4, 2017. The new shelter will replace the 45-year-old facility near Arrowhead Stadium.

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Kansas City residents voted for better infrastructure, less pot holes, better sidewalks, flood control and a new animal shelter. KC voters made it a priority and approved an $800 million infrastructure package. Property tax increases will help pay for it.

Ballot Questions Voted on:

  1. $600 million for streets, bridges and sidewalks (passed with 66 percent support)
  2. $150 million for flood control (61 percent support)
  3. $50 million for a new animal shelter plus other city building upgrades (67 percent support)
mayor sly james asked for support for kansas city animal shelter

Mayor Sly James asked for support for Kansas City animal shelter.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James and City Council members attended dozens of neighborhood meetings asking for support from tax payers. James said it was the only way to start to address several billion dollars’ worth of a maintenance backlog that the city has neglected for decades.

“There’s only two options. We can fix it. Or watch it crumble,” James said. “Nobody likes to talk about the tax aspects, but the fact of the matter is there’s no way to do it other than that.”

“They’ve been telling us for years to invest more in infrastructure,” City Manager, Troy Schulte said. “We delivered the package, and they responded.”

Kansas City will spend $14 million on a new animal shelter in Swope Park, plus other building improvements. The new Kansas City animal shelter became a signature project to sell the entire bond package. It drew support from a wide array of business and civic leaders, including KC Royals pitcher Danny Duffy.

This is a win for Kansas City and for KC animals, adopted pets and also individuals and families to adopt dogs through many of the various shelters that the main KC animal shelter supports.

This main branch will be a remarkable improvement for the community, families and the pets who will be cared for until a new home is found for them.

Reference and image: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article142749144.html

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