About Dog Rescue Network

It all started in the summer of 2013 when a 13 year old saw a dog tied up behind a fence in his own yard. The girl thought the dog should be free, so she rescued it by letting it go in the playground that two adults and four kids just pounced on.

Of course, the dog was anxious.

Kids showed up, ready to play!

The 13 year old that it was penned up for good with no chance of parole. While we played in the school playground, she came prancing up and very happily exclaimed she had rescued the poor, helpless dog who was, "tied to a tree and sooo sad."

Oh Boy!!! Her heart is in the right place, for sure.

Of course, we can't open the gates for every fenced pet. But, we can open our hearts to each one of them and give them our best intentions.

This story is being the creation of this website. We want to bring together the good hearts of young dog lovers in a fun, but also responsible manner.

To do so, we're creating a directory and network of dog lovers to promote no-kill shelters, great animal hospitals, foster care opportunities and more.

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Thank you for making it this far!