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Kansas City Voters Approve New Animal Shelter

Kansas City Voters Approve New Animal Shelter

KC Pet Project CEO & executive director Teresa Johnson has been working hard with her team for months to get the vote for a new animal shelter in Kansas City which is now included in an $800 Million bond package passed by KC voters on April 4, 2017. The new shelter will replace the 45-year-old…

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slow cooker dog food

Slow Cooker Dog Food is Brilliant!

Slow Cooker Dog Food Slow Cooker Dog Food – It's great knowing exactly what's going into our pup's food and that they're getting the nutrients they need <3 Get the written recipe here: Posted by 12 Tomatoes on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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dog back scratcher

Your Dog Wants a Back Scratcher

This dog is in heaven right now… NEVER underestimate the power of a back scratcher!…

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Rescue Dog Saves Owner from Too Much Wine

Rescue Dog Saves Owner from Too Much Wine

Dog Says No More Wine You know you've had enough wine when even your dog's…

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Halloween Dog Parade at Thompson Square Park - Video

Halloween Dog Parade at Thompson Square Park – Video

We’re at Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Halloween Dog Parade in New York City with…

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Guilty Dog Chews Up Shovel Video

Who’s Guilty? The Shovel or the Dog?

Who’s really guilty in this situation? The shovel and the owner for leaving the shovel…

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